As a young girl, I had always loved the sight of the snow when the sun hit it. That may be why I thought getting married in the winter was the perfect time. My dream wedding was in a beautiful hotel ballroom overlooking snowy fields, and that was exactly how my wedding was planned. We were to say our vows in the early afternoon, and then the wedding feast would begin. I thought at first it was a disaster, but I later learned how truly lucky I was on our special day.

Our wedding day started out beautifully, and the fresh snow from the night before coated everything. While the plows were making the roads look ugly, the hotel’s windows showed a peaceful scene of pure white snow with a cloudless blue sky above. I was incredibly happy the weather had cooperated, but I later realized this wasn’t a complete blessing.

We had chosen a small town for our wedding, and many of our guests had traveled from other parts of the country. Some of them were in the same hotel, but others were spread throughout several inns in the area. Getting all the guests assembled took much more time than we’d planned due to the road situation, but everyone was willing to wait. By the time we had all assembled, the sun was about to set.

As my father walked me down the aisle, the rays of the setting sun lit up the snow with tiny diamonds. I loved the view, but I knew it was nearly gone. That was when the power went out at the hotel, and the staff began scrambling to light candles. After a few minutes, my mother noticed the moon was already up and there was enough light for everyone to see. We ended up being married by moonlight, and it is a day we still cherish.

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